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Asda drops its main tagline in £45m revamp with new Tesco wannabe strapline

 Asda announced today that it will be dropping its “always” low prices and “asda price” taglines in a revamp of its marketing and advertising strategy.

Since losing its “official” cheapest suppermarket tag after complaints from Tesco and a resurgence from Sainsbury’s, Asda has famously had to make cutbacks and stop bonus payments to staff at many underperforming stores.

it is launching a new line “more for you for less to represent that it presents better value for money than its competition.

As many retailers discover to their cost, price alone is a bad place to start a fight, especially in an intensely fierce marketplace, so the logic behind the move is a sound one.

Foggy the waters on price by bringing value for money into the equation.

But who the hell came up with that tagline?!

“more for you for less”…it hardly rolls off the tongue does it?

Maybe they should have stuck with carat…every little helps!!!

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