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Amercian Express and goodwill?

A great article here about using [tag]goodwill[/tag] to either extend or promote a brand.

[tag]Cause-related marketing[/tag] is often judged quite cynically in the UK, but my business uses this type of promotion to great effect.

Yes, our title is a great, catchy one, but without any credible cause to back up the name, we are nothing but a gimmick.

Customers are responsive to the fact that we give a stuff about the animal that we are using to promote ourselves and that we are doing something to protect it – let’s face it, without the animal, we don’t have a brand!

In the case of [tag]American Express[/tag], I strongly believe that cashback offers on credit cards are a waste of time with the returns being relatively insignificant and I also think many consumers think likewise with the likes of American Express Blue being banished to memory.

Ask yourself what ONE thing credit card marketeers push more than anything?

Security! (then rates!)

That said with the launch of AE Red, it makes me wonder whether marketeers are tuning in to the increased public empathy for charitable work which helped bring in hundreds of millions of dollars of aid to people affected by the terrible disasters like the 2004 Tsunami and [tag]Hurricane Katrina[/tag].

If people can enjoy their own guilty pleasure on their own [tag]credit card[/tag], knowing they are helping others less fortunate than themselves at the same time, then I think AE are on to a winner.

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