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Jaffe Juice – WPP in concerns about new media advertising

Jaffe Juice runs a great post about Sir Martin Sorrell’s concerns for the WPP group and how it (and as a result, its clients) can capitalise on such fast-moving technologies.

Sir Martin Sorrell suggests that traditional companies are not able to adapt quickly enough to adopt these new technologies but, like Joseph says, is it not the role of the agency to introduce these technologies to the client in a way in which the client CAN use it?

It is not the fact that the companies are in a traditional market that makes them unable to adapt. Many traditional companies are more than happy to consider how new technologies can gain them an advantage.

Daxon.co.uk is the over 60’s mail order company I helped launch in the UK in 1994 and has one of the most successful website operations in its market – and the average customer age tops 60!!

However, to concede some ground, I think there is a valid argument to suggest that the current growth in new marketing and PR ideas needs a little time to settle and be tested to ensure which methods will stand the test of time and become credible options.
An agency’s reputation rests on its ability to bring success to its clients, but it would be foolish to back the wrong horse too early for the sake of being seen to embrace new technology.

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