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Jaffe Juice: Blankety Blank Blank Blank – are advertisers running out of ideas?

Jaffe Juice: Blankety Blank Blank Blan ANOTHER geat post by Joseph Jaffe on how Mastercard has run a new series of ads, asking customer to fill in the blanks on their infamous “priceless” ads.

Joseph questions whether or not the ad deserves credit for its levels of interaction with customers, or if creatives have run out of ideas.

Given the duration of the campaign, I have to fall on the side of merit for interaction.

Corporate blogging for example is all about interacting with consumers, but if people don’t find the blog (or one doesn’t even exist) what other methods are there of interacting with the customer?

Ads like blank, blank, blank are a useful source of what I call “positive interaction” where customer WANT to submit details because they “get” the idea and enjoy the experience.

I firmly believe that the ad is part of a longer-term plan to get some real-life “priceless” experiences which will enable them to run further ads along the lines of the visa lifestyle ads – real experiences from real people.

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