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Collaborate or die – 14-year old finds flaw in Gmail

Steve Rubel reports on how Yahoo News publicised the claims of a 14-year old blogger that he had found a flaw in Google’s Gmail.

What concerns me less about javascript sent in the an email to gmail becoming active (!) is the following issue:

The blogoshpere is a wonderful resource for brand owners to become aware of opinions of their brand and enable them to react/respond before the problem becomes more widespread.

However, scandalous stories can soon spread like wildfire as bloggers fill their blogs with “scandal” to enable them to get to the top of the likes of technorati which makes me worry about the blogoshpere becoming overrun by affiliate-funded bloggers doing nothing but a disservice to the medium.

Would this type of traffic-creating posting become considered blamming (blog spamming) or splogging (spam blogging – take your pick!!!) and be to blogging what spam is to email?

Or…do companies need to keep one eye on the blammers/sploggers and another on their good customers to make sure they are happy?

Or…is EVERY post in a blog a legitimate warning of consumer opinion?

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