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Want to avoid people skipping your ad in the ad breaks?


Jaffe Juice has a great article about the banning on the US TV CHannel, ABC of a wonderful KFC ad which encourages viewers to watch the ad in slo-mo so that they can find the code enabling them to claim a free sandwich.
Apparently the ad was banned by ABC because they considered it subliminal advertising which they don’t allow.
My view is that it is simply a new idea for which the channel either has no legislation or cannot understand, so it has slapped a restriction on it.

It does prompt me to raise 2 other points:

1) If the technology is there to run these types of ads, now it has been popularised due to the scandal, is it not going to force channels to run these types of ads, because, let’s face it, only the blue-chips will be able to afford to crate these types of ads.

2) Why does it take something FREE to make people want to watch ads? Take Honda’s new Accord ad . They achieved an incredible reputation (in the UK anyway) and gained more in brand recognition in this single ad than they did on their latest venture, Impossible Dreams which cost a whole lot more!

FREE is a powerful word, but I would argue people want to watch an ad to be seduced and to believe in the brand. Clever, seductive advertising is karate, FREE giveaways are the pub-fight of the ad world.

In short, if you want to make a splash and make people WANT to watch your ad, make it interesting.

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