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McDonalds turns to the internet to turn around declining UK sales


Against a worlwide sales increase of 5.7%, McDonalds has seen a combined decline in UK and German sales of 0.5%. As a result, McDonalds are putting aside £23m to close 25 stores.

The decline, no doubt a result of deitary pressures in the UK (the likes of Jamie Oliver et al.) McDonalds have launched www.mcdonaldsmenu.info to enable consumers to make a more informed decision on the healthiness (or not) of a meal.

A calculator enables you to calculate how much is wise to consume for their age, size, gender etc.

What is interesting about this is not just the website and its content, but that they have used the internet to send out this message. Why? If it is a public service, why not use the conventional press?
The net offers McD’s a chance to get their message out there, but which STILL needs to be searched for. Those people concerned about their McD’s diet can will need to search out the information on the website.

What is ironic though, is that the very reason the website was created was to respond to the Food Authority’s claims that they were using the “largely unregulated” internet to market food to children which is not allowed under more conventional advertising methods!

What will hapen next? at what point does the self-regulated internet begin to start caring for the health of those unable to do so themselves?

Is the time right for community websites to air their voices in the form of blogs etc., and use the power of the net to make soem fo these brands self-regulate?

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