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You need an online presence, but where do you find the staff to create it!?

We have all thought about it. We have/need an online presence, but we are not sure whtether to fudge it together oursleves, or acquire specilaist skills from outside.

How do we know what we want? How do we know how talented the individual is? How will we know if this person is good value for money?

At least when appointing an agency, we already posess many of the skills in which they specialise and can more readily understand and assess their ability.

So, having come across Will Pate’s blog online, it occurred to me that this could be the shape of recruitment to come.

Will is clearly at the top of his game – he is running a blog (a clear sign he knows what is going on!), you can view his CV and credentials in his blog profile, read his CV in the blog and even download the pdf of his CV.

Many of you may think that this is nothing new – anyone can cobble together a CV and publish it – and blogging has never been more popular BUT how many times have you been disappointed that a candidate’s real skills are VERY different to those in the CV?

His blog contains many, many trackbacks to content and message that Will has created and each of these people (if linking to him) have already assessed his crebility before linking HIM to THEIR blog – after all, the links on THEIR blogs are a reflection of themselves too – would you want to be linked to a lemon? NO!
So, could this be the way forward for technology recruitment? Can the very success of a potential emplyee’s blog (if it exists) guarantee you the employer, an endless stream of references as to the person’s credentials?

Maybe so and yes, there may be Data Protection and Privacy issues, but it has got potential to be a very effective tool.

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