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Virgin Radio to offer iPod Video Advertising Oppotunities

New Media Age reports that Virgin Radio is in active talks with advertisers about placing video advertising content on the podcasts of its most popular shows.Previously, the podcasting might that was the Ricky Gervais show from The Guardian had interspersed audio ads throughout the show, which is great as the ads are able to reach EVERYONE downloading the mp3 format.

However, whilst using the most popular shows to encourage downloads of the video format, there must surely be some concern about the penetration that this will bring. Here is why I think that this may be a flash int he pan:

1. People are scared to show their iPod in public (remember the signature earphones being a mugger’s dream?). How can we expect them to watch a video too – with a MUCH MORE desirable gadget?
2. Habitually, people carry their iPods in their pockets.

3. Music iPods came first, Music came second, Podcasts came third. The iPod created the wave, the content rode it. In this instance, the weave created by the take-up of video iPod is not great enough for the content to ride. i.e. chicken and egg!

4. Critical Mass – save for all those early adopters and gadget freaks, there will soon come a point when everyone who wants an iPod or music player will have one. Budgets, credit card debt and simple satisfaction with their current player will simply restrict video iPod to a specific group of people whose tastes vary sufficiently as to make a global audience minute.
That said, maybe there is a niche market – but does this niche have global-enough interestes to appeal to Virgin’s core offer? I hope so, because they must be applauded for pushing new technology and offering advertisers another route
to market

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