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Scarves – the latest new media marketing tool!

I saw a great story here, about web analytics company Omniture. At the Search Engine Strategies conference in the USA last week, they gave out 450 Omniture-branded scarves in 4 hours.

In order to qualify for the scarf, attendees had to sign-up to watch an Omniture presentation and submit their business cards. Apprarently, 300 of the 450 people registered an interest in the Omniture products which has already led to 3 confirmed orders!

It just goes to show that no matter how clever we try to be online or by email, there is nothing like face to face – and there maybe, lies a lesson…

As direct mail moved from simple printed letters into the realms of multi-field personalsation, response rates increased.

As we increase the human “conversational” element of a promotion, we become more of a friend to the consumer rather than a stranger trying to flog something – so why can’t this be done via email?

This is done to some extent, but simply putting a name in a filed does not constitue dialogue which is why something like the guiness blog is a great idea.

They are engaging the consumer in a very personal way – as face to face as computer-generated marketing can reach. Conversation and engaging consumers on a personal level is crucial and the blog is a great way of doing this.

Furthermore, if done properly, the consumer is much more likely to sign-up to the RSS feed creating a brand pull-effect rather than a push-one.

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