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This article here, by one of the UK’s leading direct marketing news services, mad.co.uk seems to take an overly negative stance on the use of blogs – or more precisely a blog that doesn’t even exist yet.

The webiste (which funnily enough doesn’t even have its own blog and adds a pharcical RSS feed system to its pages) goes on to criticise what I feel to be one of the most signficiant shifts in blogging for months. Honda have announced that it will be supporting the 2talkabout blog when it goes live with contributions from engineers to receive and give feedback on Honda models and queries.

Quite how the journo can find room to criticise a company’s willingness to open up more channels of communication with its customers and to receive and give more customer feedback is beyong me – it worked alright for Stormhoek and has enabled it to flourish.

Equally, Guinness has made a splash into blogging with the purpose of listening and communicating with customers.

So Honda may open itself up to more criticism. So what? That comes with the territory when blogging or marketing ANY product. Surely the benefit to engaging customer’s criticisms ios that NOW they are aware of them (rather then just watcvhing people drive past their chsowrooms!) and can act upon them.

Stormhoek contemplated changing its labels, so it opened up the idea to the blogoshpere (many of whom are its customers) to gauge their opinions. Consumers feel involved with the brand and that their opinions matter – and that can only BENEFIT the brand, not damage it.

The only piece of the article I mildly agree with is that sponsorship of someone else’s blog by Honda MAY be seen as hijacking the blog, but hasn’t this kind of thing been happening on forums for years, with unidentified emplyees dishing out information unregulated?

At least here, customers will know they would be dealing with someone whose job it is to listen to their comments?

This has GOT to be a good thing for Honda unless someone can tell me otherwise!

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