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Is the tide turning against Google?

This story presents an interesting turn of events for Google. Perfect 10 magazine us suing Google for breach of copyright for allowing pirated material (i.e republished images of previously subscriber-only material) to be indexed and displayed in image searches.

Joseph Jaffe and Steve Rubel in their insightful podcast, Across the Sound recounted a story that in Europe, the publisher’s association was considering a class action against Google for almost the same thing.

Their argument is that Google is earning revenue from Ad Sense and Adwords campaign from the PA’s members’ internet-published material.

My take on their gripe is that by acting as the medium to this copyrighted material, the PA claim that Google is unfairly earning money by directing people to material that would normally otherwise have to be paid for.

Part of me though wonders whether or not this is just a case of a traditional business model resenting the fact that a new one has come along and beaten it at its own game!

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