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Google share price fall – why should Web 2.0 be affected too?


Is it me, or are we all beginning to panic a bit too much about Google?

Google were heavily criticised for their 82% profit growth being insufficient and below Wall Street forecasts – yet you find me a company that wouldn’t be absolutely over the moon with a profit growth of 82%!!

Today, they are again criticised for stating that “Growth is slowing and now largely organic” where their share price has taken another hit.

I absolutely believe that Google is being hijacked by corporate investors who base their predictions on “Google the money-making machine” (which to eb fair it is!!) but who forget how much of an industry talisman it is.

With Web 2.0 products cropping up all over the place, is the negativity about Google’s financial growth (and let’s face it – it is still 82% growth) not going to dribble down into the rest of the industry and cause other investors to think twice about investing in some great Web 2.0 projects?

Google is just another company whose share price should be indicative of their own performance, yet for many analysts, Google seems to equal internet and any negitivity surrounding them spreads throughout the industry, potentially affecting Web 2.0 development.

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