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Full RSS feeds vs. Partial Feeds

Tris Hussey makes some interesting observation about Robert Scoble’s views on full or partial RSS-feeds. Without going fully into each article, I believe that fukk or partial, ultimately, if one is to make money from a reader/viewer, marketeers need to respond to to the needs and motivations of that individual.

Some people read books by skimming, others read emails by subject title alone. Many people simply read the news in their agregators by catchy subject fields.

Other people (not me I’m afraid!) take the time to carefully manage their subscriptions such that they KNOW they will be interested in the FULL content of that publisher (ex. particular trade press feed). Equally, maybe some people read every feed and every email!
We need to find ad delivery methods which are adjustable to EVERY type of reasder in the same way that we can personalise digitally printed direct mail.

BUT, my main point is this and Robert hit the nail on the head:

“If you want to make money in this new world you are far more likely to do so by working with your best customers to find new ways to build audiences and serve better advertising toward them”.

In ANY marketing campaign, when things are tough, who do you turn to for extra revenue? Your existing customers. You remail them, you send your top customers further special offers, you increase exposure at locations your core market attend.

In short, you work more closely with your best customers and make it easier and more beneficial for them to buy from you.

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